Join the project Christmas gifts for children from Ukraine

As a result of the war in Ukraine, many children have beome orphans or live in poverty. This Christmas season, we want to give children in a time of need some joy. Please join us and help Santa to make the children’s dreams come true this Christmas time.

The whole project starts in Ukraine, where the sisters of the congregation of St Joseph will choose the children that been most affected by the war and their individual christmas wish.

To take part and support santa on his mission please visit the “Become Santa” page using the button below. Once you have bought the gift for the child you are sponsoring please take it to one of our drop off points with the label printed and attached to the wrapping of the gift. This will help to make sure that your gift gets delivered to the correct location. https://belveder.co.uk/portal/.

Thank you for your support and generosity

How to become Santa? Well it’s rather simple, just follow the instructions below.

  1. Click “Become Santa” and select a child to sponsor.
  2. View the gift request and see if this is something that you are able to purchase.
  3. Click sponsor on the portal and register.
  4. Click continue and enter your details
  5. Find and select the most convenient drop off location
  6. Click confirm sponsorship.
  7. Click “Print label” and make sure to put this on the gift (if you do not have access to a printer, please handwrite the reference number) please deliver your gift to drop off point by 11th December